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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm just a man with my sexual needs for your tending lovin' hands...

Foolish by Tyler James The original
Foolish by Gareth Gates The first cover
Foolish by Justin Guarini The second cover

Foolish by Mister Tyler James first appeared on the Open Season giveaway Cd. Since then it has been covered by two other acts straight out of the Idol bandwagon who both came second to the delightful Will Young and Kelly Clarkson. The album produced by Tyler ended up being spiked by bad record company blues and was only saved by Itunes. It includes a few collabs with Amy Winehouse and some great melodies. Sadly it was way before its time. The current "sound-2-b" Lily Allen appears to have traced nearly every damn trick that I first heard on his excellent LP titled the Unlikely Lad. The differences between Lilly and Tyler James are quite obvious though: one had a famous dad and Kylies hit writers on her album while the other had a record company trying to make out that he was some "east london" hoxton/estate boy.

This ploy did not work at all. Tyler James wouldnt even pass for a Camden debutante let alone a Kentish Town pikey. Think more Hampstead village...

Then they tried the "Mc-Fly" route by getting Danny to interview Tyler. Both of them wear far too gel and it sounds sooooo sixth form media studies. As you will hear Tyler loves Kylie and the Supremes. I miss you Tyler, get yourself a myspace and walk over Lily.

Now to the other singers. Everyone will know of the Gareth Gates story so theres little need to cover it here. He covered Foolish in the vein attempt to shed his former baby boy skin on his flop second album. His website says he's working on another album but thats been in the works for sometime. Theres a calendar out there of him showing his muscles and a chest so large it gives Jordan a run for her faketan vouchers. Its funny how fame works aint it?

The other singer of Foolish has quite a similar past to Gareth Gates. Not only did they both train their voices as choir boys but came second in the Pop Idol tv competition. I am talking of course of the quite yummy Justin Guarini. Like Gareth, he too appears to have stumbled on his second album whilst the winners Clarkson/Young remain with sell out tours and albums. You can can hear Tyler taking the backing vocals on all versions and something tells me we havent heard the last of Mr.James nor this little ditty.


  • At 4:01 AM, Blogger Poster Girl said…

    I had no idea Justin had covered "Foolish!" It really is making the rounds. Poor Justin--he deserved more success than he got. I love myself some Gareth Gates, but I have to admit that it's Tyler's backing vocals that really make the song on Gareth's version (even if I do like Gareth's voice doing the main vocals). I really like "Why Do I Do" and "Foolish" (as well as the other song Tyler wrote for Gareth's album, "Absolutely"), so, even though I haven't heard his album yet, I hope he gets another chance.

    (You may have noticed by now, but the link for the Tyler James version leads to the Justin version :) )

  • At 6:29 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    i too had no idea Justin covered Foolish - its a great song and one Gareth should have definitely released after Say It Isn't So... - i hope Tyler gets another chance at the big time, his (digtal only?) debut album was pretty good...

    the yummy Justin Guarini? Really? oh pinkie ;)

  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger PinkieDust said…

    Thanks i hope the link has now been amended? :)

    Yah, paul Justin is just my kinda bloke.

  • At 3:20 AM, Blogger FND Musicploitation said…

    i loved Foolish and Why Do I Do when it first came out. Big fan of Amy W too and that's how I heard abt Tyler..Was surprised that I didnt hear anything else from him after that. Oh wait, there was that cover song he did "Your Woman" but that felt a bit off and too similar to the original. I had the same thoughts too when I heard Lily's music (so is that Alesha Dixon new single..) but I think Lily is leaning more to be the female Mike Skinner. Tyler was a soul boy.


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