This site is dedicated to documenting pop songs that have been covered by another act. A covers project? No not quite. PopEatsPop is not really about famous songs being covered but rather when a pop act usually in a distant country records a song that is then swiped by another who tends to have a larger record company behind them! Any suggestions would be great! Drop a line at cartharsispopboy@hotmail.com

Sunday, January 14, 2007

PopEatsPop is taking a little break/Announcing a new popblog....

I ain't retiring this blog. Its just taking a holiday. I'm not leaving though. I've got a new blog! Its called AKindOfLoveIn/YouCallThatLife? Its a collaborative effort with Robert of DontStopthePop and PopPosterGirl (Veronica) of PopPosterGirl. Go there for random stuff.

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